What Wedding Guests Wish They Could Tell Brides

Ever wondered what wedding guests are thinking while preparing to attend your ceremony and reception and wish they could tell you exactly what is on their minds? I do not think so. First of all you are busy and you think you have planned the event carefully to take good care and entertain your guests and second, you think everything is perfect. I hope the same but there are a few things that they wish to tell you but would like to keep quiet about them rather than spoil your wedding and/or your mood.

One the most important issue is about kids. Kids or no kids? Are they invited or not?

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Here, communication is key on this debatable topic. Your invitation should be clear enough to let the guests know whether only adults are invited or the kids are also invited. If the message is clear enough then, families can arrange baby sitters for their kids well in time. To arrange for a baby sitter is almost impossible at the last minute if they are not told in advance. This is a sure way you can lose the adult guests with children if they can’t find a sitter and have to stay with their children. Those who managed to come to your party definitely wish to tell you the problems they had in arranging a baby sitter in a short notice but they will not.   How about out-of-town guests with children? There are companies like Kid Care Anywhere who can bring childcare and childtertainment to you.

Another critical feature is cash bar or open bar that guests are always worried about. They really wish to have an open bar but if you decide to have a cash bar due to one reason or the other, they would like to know in advance so they can prepare. Nowadays most people do not carry cash and I do not think you or your wedding planner will be able to accept credit cards at your wedding while the party is on. In all fairness, they have a right to know this and wish they were informed. You think they can tell you this, but wish they could and have to stay away from the bar.

Now, one other very important thing, are you going to serve meal at your wedding reception or you just want to have only dessert? Make sure your invitation is clear and the guest understands what is on the menu. If your wedding reception is during the meal time and you want to just serve the dessert, your guests will not like it. So if you want to serve only dessert, pick your time very carefully. The entertainment arrangements are necessary but the meal is also important. Either have you wedding reception after the normal meal time or just arrange the dinner as well. Whatever you do you have to communicate properly. A guest may wish to tell you they are hungry but will not and may not stay up to the end of the reception.

What do you wish you could have told/tell a bride?

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