Choosing the best Wedding DJ for your wedding

You probably remember the song that you and your beau were dancing to the day or night you joined in love. Choose the best wedding DJ for your big day and you could enjoy a rainbow of rich songs that you and your lover will long to remember over the coming years.


Wedding music is about more than the right sound

Sound is a primary factor to consider when selecting a wedding DJ. If you’re looking for a local sound, ask a local event planner to offer you suggestions. Why? A lot of local wedding event planners contract for DJ services. These event planners know what’s hot when it comes to wedding and reception music. They also know which local DJs are multi-talented enough to create a memorable wedding ceremony and reception experience for you and your guests.


After you get a DJ who has the skills to play the kind of music that leaves you and your wedding guests breathless, there are other points to consider. For example, you’ll want to:


  • Select a DJ who has worked at several weddings and receptions.
  • Opt for a wedding DJ who knows how to follow instructions. As simple as it sounds, this one item could turn your wedding into a headache if you go with a DJ who doesn’t know how to or who doesn’t like to follow instructions.
  • Spend time with the DJ prior to your wedding ceremony. For example, you and the groom could go out to lunch with the DJ and lay out the types of music you appreciate most. This allows you to develop rapport with the DJ, which could increase the likelihood that the DJ will follow your instructions to the hilt.
  • Get clear about the type of atmosphere you want to set. Do you want to create a concert type atmosphere or do you want to cause your wedding guests to feel like they are at a club?
  • Ask for recommendations. As previously mentioned, a wedding event planner is a great resource when it comes to getting the scoop on wedding DJs. You can also ask colleagues and friends who have recently gotten married to suggest DJs.


It’s been said that music is the universal language. There isn’t a single culture that hasn’t created a music form. Music is used to commemorate and celebrate passages into adulthood, significant individual and community achievements and other special occasions. These are but a few reasons why it’s important to choose the right DJ for your wedding. As any good wedding event planner knows, you want a DJ who can set the mood and keep your wedding guests lively and entertained during the reception.


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